Businesses: Don't like feeling like you're talking to yourself??

We don't either!

Finally, Have an Audience Growth Plan and The Tools To Make It Happen

Without designing ANYTHING (unless you want to!)
Without writing the "perfect copy" (or any copy)
Without getting dolled up on video (unless you want to!)
Without arguing with ChatGpt or "figuring out prompts"

We guarantee it will work - so much so that we will refund you AND PAY YOU $1K if you don't get your audience-building system live!!

The Audience Growth Bundle was created by profitable social media influencers FOR social media influencers. Rachel Miller & Holly Homer have over 5 million followers, over 350,000 email subscribers & drive millions of pageviews a month without ads to their businesses.

They have grown their own audiences and have coached over 27,000 other businesses. This bundle is all the short-cuts, tools, they have personally used and taught.

Stop spending hours (or days) growing your audience, your list, and your business.
Building An Audience Doesn't Have to be Tough or Slow(and you don't have to spend tons either).

You can have the best product in the world, BUT if you don't have a HIGHLY ENGAGED audience to sell to, then all your work is for nothing. You don't need to be a content machine, or an expert in "the tech" to prove the world you're an expert in the content you know!!

Our Audience Bundle is Perfect For...

Anyone who needs to find their perfect people and guide them to a purchase, we will help!

What is included??

Imagine having a new lead magnet every single week bringing in new prospects to your business!!

Watch a new Lead magnet being made in 2 minutes

Go from Idea to a Designed Product, a Finished Offer Page, Your Tech-hooked Up & Ads Ready to Publish in an Afternoon! Seriously!

Say goodbye to juggling expensive apps and tools to grow your list. Instead, harness the power of human-created templates combined with magical AI automations!!

It’s your “Digital-Rolodex-Multiplier", without any of the tech!

To Grow Your List You Need...

1 - You need to know WHO you are going to serve (Your Audience).

2 - You need a way to attract people to your list (Your Gift - this is something that your future customer most needs to get a result in their lives. Often that is something easy to consume, like a checklist, but it can also be more complicated, like a guidebook).

3 - Then you need an offer page on a website. This is where your future customer gives you their email address.

4 - Lastly, You will need tech integrations set up so that after your user signs up for their "gift" they will be directed to a thank-you or upsell page, as well as get an initial email with the "gift" that they signed up for!

And... you're almost done!! As now you need to add those people to a list so you can follow up with them.

All of that sounds complicated. That's because it is! (or was)

All of THAT was complicated.

AND it required EXPENSIVE software programs.

To create the above lead generation machine there are a bunch of tools, you'd need design programs, sales page and website programs, email delivery systems, it all adds up - and FAST!!

And what is worse, they are SO confusing to set up and make them work together. According to Quora, it takes the average small business owner ONE MONTH to design the digital assets, create the website pages, write the emails, connect it all together. It takes ONE MONTH to set up a lead generation machine... if you are using these:

The old way of collecting leads to grow your business

takes too much time and is just too confusing!

The Right Tools!

Don't get lost in "the Tech"

Pagewheel is New Your Tech Bestie

Say goodbye to all of the tech-hookup headaches! This AI-Enabled Tool Stack is Everything You Need to Grow.

INSTEAD Gain Leads AND Sales... With Bizzy, the Latest AI Platform!!

We will create your digital product AND the website, ads & emails FOR YOU!

No Expensive Writers/Designers

Our templates come with the copy already written!! All you need to do is edit and then click publish!

And it's all fully editable. Update colors, wording, etc!

Before I used template packs BUT I had to write the copy and create my ads!! It saves me time & money

~ Rachel

Without Duct-Taped Software

Either you spend an arm and a leg for an “expert” or cobble together templates. Either way it’s broken.

With Bizzy your tech is all set up for you!

My sales page worked the first time! It was magic!

I had tried building them myself before!!

~ Holly

Full Commercial Resell Rights!!

Have full-commercial resale rights as long as you’re in our program! You can sell as much as you want.

Your product is YOURS!

I just got 243 leads!! Over the weekend. I made my product in like 15 minutes, last Thursday!!

~ David

  • Your PDF Digital Product Created

  • Your Offer Page Made (and hosted for you!)

  • Your Upsell Page waiting for you to increase your impact

  • Your Social Media Content Plan ready to go

  • Your Emails WRITTEN, and your delivery email is even hooked up!

  • Your Ads ready to post with images waiting for you

  • Your payment processor hooked up

  • Meta-tags on all of your sales pages - DONE

  • Blog posts written to promote your products & programs

  • One-click Zapier Integrations with almost any and every CRM

Yes! We will build all of the above for you, customized to your business, in minutes!

Rachel Miller & Holly Homer - Founders

With AI. We have a patent-pending AI engine that automates all of the "Techie" work for you, so you can focus on being the expert you are, and making the impact on your customers and clients lives.

And your BONUS...

The Training & Systems for Success!

You won't be alone - throwing social spaghetti onto your walls.

No man is left behind in our training program

We literally guarantee our results!

What will we teach you in the LIVE
Audience Growth Course:

We have 6 modules covering each of the following core topics:

Profile, Page & Group Growth

Update your page, your profile and your group so your perfect people instantly know they are in the right place

Finding Your Message

Strategically boost and how to use niche neighborhooding to collect your perfect future customers

Crafting the Perfect Posts

Say goodbye to content flops. Craft the perfect content, knowing what to post and when for success

Growing Engagement

Use engagement stacking, to make the algorithm play for you, instead of you paying the algorithm to play!

Growing Your List & Leads

In our "choose your next adventure week," we will show you different ways to grow your list of future customers

Fast Track Promotion Plan

Growth tactics for where your page is at now, and how to keep engagement high when your page has “made it”

Our class is being offered LIVE with lessons 3x a week - for SIX weeks. Registration is closing Saturday night! Your classes starting one week after registration closes. All live classes are recorded.

We think it's pretty awesome... BUT... Don't Just Believe US!!

Imagine not needing to wrestle with design or funnel software or have to use ChatGPT to create your digital products & offer pages!

And Having an Audience Waiting For You

Our Next Live 6-Week Class Starts in August.

Register Now to Reserve Your Spot!

Registration closes on Saturday at midnight the week before the next class starts.

The Pagewheel Product Builder + The Audience Growth Bundle

Grow with the tools, training, access to coaches AND all of the bonuses!

  • Instant Access to the Pagewheel Product Builder

  • Unlimited* Lead Magnets

  • Unlimited* Social Content Packs

  • Unlimited* Offer & Sales Pages

  • ​BONUS: 6 Week Audience Growth Course (starting in August 2024)

  • BONUS: Business School Private Group

  • EXTRA BONUS: 100+ Graphic Templates (available 3 weeks after class starts)


Your annual Pagewheel membership renews each year.
Your access to the Bonuses are for the Lifetime of those programs.
You can cancel easily at anytime.

Our Promise to You

We guarantee that you'll love your bundle, or get your last 30 days back, no questions asked!

AND!! We guarantee that you will have a lead generation system created before this class is over OR we will not only refund your last payment, but we will ALSO pay you $1000! Terms apply (aka you need to let us help you first), but this is how much we believe in YOU and this program!!

Founder Introductory Price

Get locked in at the lowest founder pricing rates. Cancel your membership at anytime.



This is a recurring membership

The perfect way to start your Digital-Business-in-a-box with Bizzy. You can create your first digital product in 15 minutes or less!

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • Unlimited Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Unlimited Product Websites Written For You

  • Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights

Your access will be available in early 2023.

Welcome to the WAITLIST

We only accepted a couple hundred founders... sorry!! If another seat opens we will let you know



We send out invitations to businesses to join us regularly!! Get onto our waitlist and stay peeled to your inbox for your invitation to be our next founding member.

What is included in your membership??

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • Unlimited Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Unlimited Product Websites Written For You

  • Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights


Still have a question??

How Do I Know Pagewheel Is Right For Me??

The Pagewheel Membership was created for the course creator, the blogger, the influencer, the podcaster - the people who have a following, who you know that you can create solutions for them - But you are stuck on the details. Maybe you aren't a graphics designer, maybe your tech skills are non-existent, maybe you are just out of time and are looking for a done-for-you solution. We will create your products, website and email/ads, FOR YOU!! So you can focus on other parts of your business and life.

Will My Fees Go Up In The Future?

They might. For now, the price that you signed up with is the recurring fee that you are paying. We KNOW that our product is priced low and we reserve the right to raise the price in the future - and are really considering it.

Know that if you sell three products a month you are already making a profit!! And you made that profit with 15 minutes of effort. Our goal for you is that you will sell far more and that you will see your life changed, and your customers lives changed, because of the power of digital products!

Can I upload my own PDF and you make my website?

Yup!! You can upload your own PDF into our system, add additional pages to it (or not) and then have Pagewheel create your offer page, follow up emails and hook up all the tech for you - in just minutes! You will be ready to sell in no time!

Can I sell what I made to my clients?

YES!!! On all of our plans you are able to sell these items to your clients!! And everything in Copyshop you are able to sell for your customers and clients to use! On the enterprise plan level you can create the products for your clients to sell to their clients and you will be able to create sub-accounts. If you want an enterprise accounts as an agency, please reach out to us: and we will take care of you.

Does Pagewheel connect to my email or other tools?

We have a direct connection with Zapier. Any leads or sales that you make within Pagewheel, we will forward them to your email provider or your other preferred tools with a simple and automated Zapier integration. It will only take a couple of button clicks.

How do you process payments from our customers?

Pagewheel integrates with Stripe and accepts payments from your customers on your behalf. We do not take a percentage of the payment, all funds go straight to your account. We may add additional payment processors in the future. If you have a strong preference email us and we will add your processor to our list of possibilities. For now, Stripe is very stable and has worked well for us.

Can I edit this in another platform after I make it?

Nope. We do not integrate with Canva or any other graphics design platform. The products we are creating are PDFs. The PDFs we hope to be editable with adobe acrobat or advanced PDF editors, but no promises as we are not designing them with that intention. You are welcome to use these as inspiration and rebuild your products in Canva or in another funnel software. As long as you are a member you have unlimited resell rights, even on other platforms.

Can I create and sell a course?

No, not really. We are not technically a course-creation program. BUT!! We do have video thank you pages, and a number of our members are hosting their short courses on the thank you pages. This is BRILLIANT! It means that you can give even more value to the people joining your list or becoming your customers!

What Are Your Licensing Terms?

If you are a Pagewheel member, we create your product for you... It's yours to sell, give away, put into a course or a digital hoard! You can make it for yourself, for your own business or even for your clients! However if you cancel your service with us all of the assets you have created will be deleted and your access revoked. You also are not able to create your own platform using our products or derivatives of them. For our full terms, please read them here .

Turn Traffic Into Subscribers & Sales!!

Our guarantee: Your product will be made in minutes, or your money back!

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