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If your community wants to grow a business and needs the assets to make growth and impact FASTER and EASIER for them - Let's partner together!

We will create their digital products, sales pages, ads, and emails FOR THEM!!

You can earn up to 50% recurring commission on all of the referrals you send our way!

Pagewheel helps the people on your list get results faster!!

We will create their products AND sales pages AND emails!!

If your audience needs a product, a sales sequence (website pages, emails, ads, etc) our membership will make it for them - in mere MINUTES!!

Our team has done over $10,000,000 in sales across multiple niches. We know what converts and have taken our BEST list building and sales-making resources and made them into templates - then powered those with AI. So now, any personality-based business, in ALMOST any niche can use the proven systems that work.

AND!! You can earn as you refer your friends, clients, and best customers to us!

AND... We will also create all of these!!

For your customers, clients, friends, family... we promise we will wow-the-socks-off the people you refer to us!!

You can chose to promote EITHER


It's two ways to sell,

but the same platform!

Your Referrals Get Access to BOTH Products as a Member!

What Do You GET As A Referral Partner??

30-50% Commissions

We have multiple commission levels. The more you sell the more you EARN!! You could literally be making 50% of each sale!!

No Catch. The more you sell the greater the percentage you make!

Recurring Payments

As long as the person you refer to us remains in the program, and our affiliate program is live, you earn!!

Every. Single. Month! We work to keep them for you!

We pay you within 60 days of each customer's purchase.

Customized Content

Preferred partners will be able to have customized products & websites, created JUST FOR YOU & your community!!

Customized content makes it easy to add Pagewheel in your programs!

Promotion Resources

You aren't alone!! We will give you TONS of resources to help you promote! All the swipe & creative you could ASK for!!

Our promotion portal makes it EASY to share our program!!

Once you are approved as an affiliate partner you can begin

generating income almost immediately.

Become a promotion partner in MINUTES!


Fill out a short application.

We just need to know a little bit about you and get a w-9 - basically, we need to legally be able to pay you AND know where to send the $$.


Agree to our terms.

We guarantee to pay you and you agree to not be a jerk. Aka. Don't steal leads from others, don't do weird fraud things, don't badmouth us, don't camp on our SEO terms... Want the full terms, here they are in all their legalese.

Please note: We reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime for anything.

And mean people suck, cause I hate that we now need to have that condition added.

step 3

Enter your promotion portal
and start selling!

You can enter our portal HERE. We have TONS of resources that as soon as you are approved you can use to promote us!!

Including the following:

  • Emails and Ads GALORE. You won't need to write from scratch! We will give you copy to start from!

  • Greenscreen tours - put your face over our "product tour" and do a reel or whatever!

  • Access to the founders! You can request interviews or trainings for you to include in your programs!

  • ​Sneak peaks to features coming so you can be prepared!

Bizzy Price

Get locked in at the lowest founder pricing rates. Cancel your membership at anytime.



This is a recurring membership

The perfect way to start your Digital-Business-in-a-box with Bizzy. You can have your sales page written in 15 minutes or less!

  • Access to the Bizzy Copy Shop

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • COMING SOON: Done-for-you Digital Products

  • COMING SOON: Product Websites Designed For You

  • COMING SOON: Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights

Your access will be available in early 2023.

Welcome to the WAITLIST

We only accepted a couple hundred founders... sorry!! If another seat opens we will let you know



We send out invitations to businesses to join us regularly!! Get onto our waitlist and stay peeled to your inbox for your invitation to be our next founding member.

What is included in your membership??

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • Unlimited Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Unlimited Product Websites Written For You

  • Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights

Pricing Plans You Can Promote:

You can choose which pricepoint to promote - or feature BOTH!! You control the pricing!



or annually $243/yr

You can create your first digital sell-ready product in 15 minutes or less!

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • ​10 Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Product Websites Written & Hosted For You

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights



or annually $423/yr

For the businesses that are growing and scaling - you have more options

  • EVERYTHING in the Starter Plan

  • Additional Templates & Product Options

  • Nearly Unlimited Sales Pages

  • Unlimited Digital Products

  • ​Unlimited Lead Generation and Sales Potential

  • ​Priority Support


Still have a question??

How Do You Track My Referral's Purchases?

We use Stripe as our payment processor and our sales pages cookie people who come to them, tagging them as your buyer! As long as they purchase on the same device OR with the same email that they started the sales process (we track both) they will be tagged as YOURS - automatically!!

AND!! We also have coupon codes. Why?? Affiliate tracking often glitches or fails. For example, if your customer orders on an iOS 17 device, or in an incognito browser, or if they have a cookie blocker installed, we will not be able to attribute them to you - unless they use the coupon code!

Your coupon code is your "safety-net" to capture all the affiliates and get credit for them, no matter what browser or blocker they have installed.

We can't wait to credit sales TO YOU!! Our goal is that we have a long-term partnership with you!

Why Is This a Membership?

We have found that stable recurring revenue is more predictable for long-term promotions. We don't want a one-time sale or promotion from you - we know how awesome evergreen promotions are and a membership helps BOTH of us have peace and stability in our businesses. Our hope is that the customers you refer stay with us for months and months, even YEARS!! We promise you, we will work to wow them!

How Long Do I Get Paid?

Until they cancel or until we change ownership/platforms!! Basically, we want to make sure this is a LONG-TERM promotion, however, we also know things happen and we can't predict the future. We hope that your referrals will stay credited to you for a VERY long time.

We know how important it is to have a lead magnet and a sales system that is SIMPLE to build and use - our product builder is that!! And we know how valuable our Copy Shop is - time is money!! There is no other system out there that can write your sales copy faster than we can!! We hope the customers you stay will stay with us for the long-haul!!

WHEN Do I Get Paid?

You will get paid within 60 days of your customer purchasing. Why the delay? We pay out with Paypal the end of each month AND after your customer has been with us for more than a month. We need the "window" to make sure payments clear. Currently, we only payout via Paypal.

Do I Have to Be a Pagewheel Member?

Yes! You do!! We want people who LOVE our program. You can't love us and not be a part of our program.

We know that when you have a story to share, you will sell better!! Our goal is to wow-your-socks-off with how awesome Pagewheel is that you know you need to get the word out!!

Will My Referral Amount Change?

As we grow their will be changes, we hope to keep YOUR affiliate rate the same as long as you are an active referral partner, BUT!! We reserve the right to change the % if you are no longer active or for new and incoming affiliate partners. So sign up to be a referral partner SOONER!!

What Niches Do You Serve So Far?

We serve over 3 dozen niches including: Business, life coaching, wellness, kids and parenting, meal planning, nutrition, goal setting, pets, travel, productivity, budgeting, faith & devotions, decluttering, organization, calendars, fitness, homeschooling, habit tracking, crafting & creativity, teaching, empowerment, weight loss... and MORE

The copy is written half-by-a-human and half-by-ai. This means that they get the benefits of having a professional copywriter, but ALSO get the speed and customizations that AI brings. If they can tell us their niche and topic then we can create their product AND sales page!!

Will it be perfect? NOPE!! It's written by AI, so the clients/customers you refer will most likely need to make some basic edits, but they won't have to start from scratch! Our goal is to have their digital assets created 95% of the way, ready for their personalization and customizations.

Is There a Guarantee?

YUP!! We promise your customers and clients that if for any reason they were unable to generate their product and/or sales page copy using Pagewheel we will refund the last 30 days of payments they made to us, gladly. We stand behind the products that we build and your client and customer's happiness and SUCCESS is our greatest goal!!

When Do You Release New Products And Templates?

We know that you are a growing business and you need new options and ideas to promote business', blogs, to grow lists from Tik-Tok followers, etc!! Every single month we are adding new sales page templates for you to use to sell and grow your businesses - and for you to promote to your peeps. We will regularly update our Promotion Portal so you have everything you need to be an amazing partner! If you have a request for something specific let us know!! We will work to include it!

Become a referral partner today - and start earning!!

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  • Unlimited Commercial Resale Rights

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